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Spy Earpiece Bluetooth

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Spy Earpiece Hands-free

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Wireless button camera

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Spy Earpiece

Spy Earpiece Bluetooth Set


1. Micro spy earpiece: put the earpiece in your ear.


2. Bluetooth transmitter loopset: Set loopset at your neck and connect it to device - Mobile phone


3. Microphone: it's very sensitive


4. Mobile phone with Bluetooth function

Ranges of application: 

  • Cheat if you are a student

  • Spy technology

  • Criminal proceedings

  • Conference

  • Listening to music discreetly

  • Gaming

  • Covert communications ...

  • If you are, for example, a business man, gambler, host of the show, a politician, etc....



You put the loop around your neck under your clothes, put the wireless micro earpiece into your ear and just before you enter the room make a call to your partner. The microphone located on the loop is very sensitive. It lets your partner hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else. It is provided by the combination of the convenient volume adjustment and clear sound of the wireless micro earpiece. Due to its extra small size and the use of the newest wireless technologies the earpiece can't be seen even at close distance.



Functionality table:

Size, mm: 10.5х4.5х4.5
Weight, g: 1b
Colour: Skin Weight
Material: Polymer
Work time , H.: 6-12
Form: Drip
Stream care: AG0 LR521
Signal filter: да
Earwax filter: да
Neck loop : да
Cable with microphone: Mk3
Guarantee: 12 Monate
Batteries, pcs.: 4
Verstellbare Lautstärke: да
Bluetooth follower with " phone call accept » button and adjustable volume: да


In the set:

  • 1 micro earpiece

  • 1 Bluetooth transmitter loopset

  • 1 Microphone

  • 1 Battery charger for the Bluetooth

  • 4 Batteries



Shipping is free worlwide! Price: 149€