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Wireless button camera

Wireless Button Camera:


1. With this spy camera hidden covertly in your shirt you can catch conversations and video of anything you probably shouldn't. In the unlikely event that you're found out the footage is in another location, making it extremely difficult for your adversary to take back. Video and sound is of exceptional quality with this unit and the transmitter and receiver are housed in durable metal cases - a useful tool for any PI or citizen journalist. Bust the case wide open by getting the evidence you need with the CVSB-961 Super Range Wireless Button Spy Camera. At a Glance...

At a Glance...

  • Easily hidden Spy Camera with great wireless range
  • Video with Audio transmission
  • Runs in wireless mode or wired mode (wired = longer battery life)


Ranges of application: 

  • Cheating, if you are a student

  • Spy technique

  • Law enforcement

  • Covert video recording

  • Hidden videosupervision

  • If you are a businessmann, gambler, host of the show, a politician, ...




In the classroom you are equipped with the best technology money can buy on the market:
- button camera with adjustable lens ( you are supposed to prepare a shirt especially for that occasion)
- powerful transmitter around your belt sends a picture up to 500 m from the exam room, this transmitter is powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery

The Power Pack is made to be carried around the body, as a belt, in a special designed mini cases.
The picture has been send wirelessly from the StudentButtonCamera to the distance up to 500 m. It is send to your colleague with the receiver and mini high power antenna. He can see the picture from the exam paper on any kind of monitor, a mini LCD TV or a notebook.

Your colleague can see the crystal clear image from your test and he can give you the right answers through a secret earpiece named

Our tip how to do it:


- you are required to prepare a shirt for the button cam; some buttons that look alike the button camera will be supplied with the set
- you need to find the best view angle of the camera prior to the exam
- you need to practice lifting up of the paper so the button camera sees it in the best way


- your colleague, who sees your test in a real time, must navigate you how much up to lift the paper so in order to he/she can to have a clear picture
- your colleague is supposed to take some snapshots of your test and move to the much safer and peaceful location from which he/she will have the ability to tell you the right answers through micro-earpiece...
- take the snapshots in first couple of minutes of the test, and after that listen to the answers from your partner, and do not use the whole set more than is necessary. You are exposing yourself to the risk to be caught.


In the set is:

Primary Function: Wireless Button Spy Camera With Built-in Microphone

Image Device: 1/4 Inch Sony CCD

Sensor Type: HQ CCD Sensor

TV system: PAL 628 x 582

Horizontal Definition: 480 TV Lines

Angular Field of View: 90 Degrees

Synchronization System: Internal

Backlight Compensation: Auto

White Balance: Auto

Transmission Frequency: 1.2 GHz spectrum

Dimensions (L x W x D):
- Camera: 28mm x 23mm x 10mm
- Camera Transmission Unit: 90mm x 57mm x 21mm
- Receiving Unit: 115mm x 60mm x 21mm

Transmission Range:
- Outdoors up to 80 meters
- Indoors up to 35 meters (through walls)

Built In Microphone: Max Audio Range = 1.5 Meters

Manufacturer Ref: NEP967YJ9829


Other Features:

Mounting Bracket built on to Receiver for Permanent setups

Wireless or Wired Configurations

Adjustable Angle Antennas for Fine Tuning Range.


Package Contents:

User Manual - English


Wired Mode Cable



2 x Power Adapters (1 for Transmitter, 1 for Receiver)

AV Cable

4 Extra Shirt Buttons (to match Camera)

2x Antennas (for wireless operation)

Belt Clip Attachment for Transmitter

Durable Case





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