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Spy Earpiece Bluetooth

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Spy Earpiece Hands-free

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Wireless Button cam

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Ask & Answer:

Q: How it works: the invisible earpiece together with the headset?

A: A headset emits radiowaves which are intercepted by an invisible earpiece. A headsead in its turn is connected to a mobile phone. Details about connecting the particular invisible earpiece and the headset see in the section How does it work?.

Q: Will this device work with any mobile phone?

A: You can use it with any GSM, CDMA and DECT mobile phone that supports Bluetooth feature.

Q: Where does the invisible earpiece take energy from?

A: The invisible earpieces are powered by  LR521 or LR379 batteries, depending on model. These batteries can be found easily or one can order them here.

Q: What possibilities of payment are supported?

A: You can pay for spy earpiece(earphone) through
- international system PayPal;
- Western Union or Bank transfer

Q: I'm thinking about buying this device to pass an exam. Is it legally to use it?

A: You can own and store such devices since surely it is not forbidden by the law. Using them for cheating at the exam is equal to simple cribbing and can't be regarded as an offence and therefore isn’t prosecuted in any case. However, using of them can break regulations of your educational institution.

Q: Is it really invisible to others?

A: Yes because all the cables are hidden under your clothes.

Q: The invisible earpiece is so small. Is it difficult to pull it out?

A: It won't cause any problems, because the invisible earpiece has invisible transparent thread attached to its case.

Q: How to make an order for it?

A: To order the package, click BUY button on the product's page, e.g. for a bluetooth spy gadget.

Q: How long will it take to receive the order?

A: Delivery time is about 5 working days

Q: How can I check that the package was sent after order processing?

A: We will send you an email including a parcel ID number. You can use it to track delivery process.

Q: I've made the order, but my package still hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

A: You can clear up reasons for delivery delay in your postal service. Let them know the id of your package that is mentioned in the email notification or contact us.

Q: Do you provide a warranty for these devices?

A: You can send back broken invisible earpiece to our service. It will be repaired at no charge if warranty applies. Warranty is valid for a limited period.