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How does it work?



The device is used the same way as you would use any other hands free or Bluetooth set with your phone except its small size and skin color makes it invisible for others. All you have to do is to connect the set to your sell phone and make or receive calls like you do regularly. The wireless earpiece receives the signal from the phone through the transmitter.

What you need to do is to arrange with your partner outside the area who will be giving you all the necessary information using any phone (cell, home or public phone).

You put the cord (transmitter) around your neck under your clothes, put the wireless spy earpiece into you ear and just before you enter the room make a call to your partner. The microphone located on the transmitter is very sensitive. It lets your partner hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else. It is provided by the combination of the convenient volume adjustment and clear sound of the wireless spy earpiece.

Due to its extra small size (0.22×0.22×0.4 inch) and the use of the newest wireless technologies the earpiece can not be seen even at close distance.

After you are done you can easily take the earpiece out from your ear with the help of ejection cord. The set is absolutely safe to use!

The detailed circuit of work invisible spy earpieces:


Below we describe in detail how to use spy earpieces.

General info

A wireless earpiece is meant for secure information exchange not attracting others’ attention. A wireless package consists of the wireless earpiece that can be entirely concealed inside someone’s ear and the hand-set of hidden bearing with a microphone. The latter is carried under clothes and transmits signal from any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, ordinary mp3-player or other audio device to the earpiece. The microphone is used to realize feedback.

External appearance of the earpiece

User guide

1) Install a new battery of the AGO type (LR521, LR63, 379, SR521W) into the special hole in the invisible earpiece (we recommend Camelion, Maxell, Sony or Hyundai one).

DO NOT BUY elements with silver oxide since these cause a background noise or a creak. The battery should be inserted with the plus towards thread side, as shown below.

Battery insertion

Quiet hissing should be heard if battery is properly connected. Otherwise, see “Troubleshooting” below.

2) Pull a loop of the hand-set on your neck, connect the hand-set jack to the cell phone, mp3-player or other device with an audio output and adjust volume as required. Next, attach the microphone to your clothes in such a way that one can hear you loud and clear (to be heard loud and clear).


3) Attention!!! You must clean an ear with hygienic sticks from earwax before every usage of invisible earpiece. Choking of the earpiece’s filter by any extraneous substance is the most common reason for device failure and is not the warranty case!

4) Plug accurately the invisible earpiece into an ear channel, as shown below:

How to insert earpiece into ear

5) The volume level will be higher if one places the earpiece in such a way that the battery is positioned on the side rather that on the top or bottom (this is because of electromagnetic waves direction, see figure below):

Right                                    Wrong

Right and wrong positions

Right positioning allows gaining volume by about 50%!

6) After that procedure this device is ready for use.

7) After using, extract accurately the invisible earpiece from an ear pulling by the thread.

8) Finally, detach the battery. To perform this, push it through special hole with any pointed thing (such as pin or needle), as shown in the figure:

How to detach battery


So, you are delighted owner of our wireless invisible earpiece. If you wish the earpiece to serve hand and foot for a long time, you should acquaint with our advices and adhere to them:

- You should remember that the invisible earpiece is a complicated electronic device that requires careful use. The invisible earpiece with visible or mechanical damage caused by improper or rough handling won’t be repaired under the warranty.

- Try not to give it to others, since it is unlikely they would appreciate and use it accurately as you do. Even if you lend it, acquaint them with user manuals.

- If its volume becomes too low, do not try to clean the earpiece filter with a needle or a pin, otherwise you will certainly break it.

Not to break it

Instead, regularly clean ears with hygiene sticks before its use. In the case of visible filter choking with earwax, try to clean it accurately by cotton wool, moistened with hydrogen peroxide:

Clean with cotton wool

- It is highly recommended not to keep the device over a long period of time near to a computer or other intensive electromagnetic sources.

By obeying to these simple rules you insure yourself against unexpected troubles during the invisible earpiece usage. With proper handling our high-tech devices can serve you far more than one year.


If you have installed a new battery and can’t hear specific quiet hissing:

- check the battery polarity ("+" towards the thread used to extract the earpiece from an ear);

If you have installed a new battery and hear whistle:

- it is not of alkaline type or it is dead.

If the sound of earpiece becomes lower:

- it is likely that the filter is choked by earwax. You might try to clean it accurately by cotton wool, moistened with hydrogen peroxide.


Don’t hesitate asking for help in our technical support service for any answers concerning invisible earpiece operation.